Work Efficiency Improvement
業務効率改善 Reduction of Unnecessary Operations and Idle Time.
Quality Improvement
品質改善 Stabilizing Quality and Reducing Defective Product Rates.
R&D Promotion
研究開発推進 Taking the Lead in R&D Projects.
教育 Education for Efficient Development, Production, and to Realize Standardization.
Technical Research and Implementation
技術調査・導入 Researching and Implementing All Kinds of Technology.
Technical Consultation.
技術相談 Providing Consultation for Technical Problems.
Expansion Support
相互進出支援 Supporting Expansion into Japan or Korea.
Collaboration Support
協業支援 Supporting Collaboration Between Japanese and Korean Corporations.
Business Matching
ビジネスマッチング Matching Businesses from Japan and Korea.
M&A · Investment
M&A・投資 M&A· Searching for Both Investments and Investors.
講演活動 We Accept Requests for Lectures.
執筆 We Accept Requests for Written Contributions.
翻訳 We Accept Requests for Japanese-Korean Translation.
Individual Case Support
翻訳・個別案件支援 We accept requests for individual cases.